Thriving Together is an initiative designed to better prepare a quarter-million young people within the greater Phoenix metropolitan area for success from birth to career. The unique initiative brings together resources from throughout the community to help students improve educational results as they reach key benchmarks in their development, placing and keeping them on a path to success.

With the aim of closing the opportunity and achievement gap, Thriving Together measures what matters, identifies what works and shares those practices throughout schools in our community.

Thriving Together uses data to identify the effectiveness of a practice. If there’s room to improve, Thriving Together draws on its resources to offer a path to success for students. It’s a long-term movement that will use the resources of the private and non-profit sectors to ensure children, youth and young adults succeed within the boundaries of the Phoenix Union high schools and its partner elementary schools—from the moment that child enters the world until entering a career.

Thriving Together is entirely funded by the private sector. It is not part of any government-mandated effort.

Thriving Together will help make our community stronger by ensuring a better prepared workforce to drive economic growth. This generation of children is critical to the future of our community and our state. If they succeed, we all succeed.


Thriving Together takes a cohesive approach to bring together resources from throughout the community to help drive student achievement as young people reach key benchmarks in their development.

The school districts in the Thriving Together area mirror our city and state in the future. In other words, how the district’s demographics look in 2015 is how Phoenix’s will look a decade from now — and how the state of Arizona will look in another generation. That’s why we have to act now. If we work together, we can make changes that will have a positive impact for future generations. If we don’t, the negative impact on our state will be tremendous.

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We are acting now because the following statistics for the area served by Thriving Together show an unsustainable reality:

3 out of 4 students graduate from high school on time.

Of those, 4 out of 10 students enroll in 2 or 4 year university.

And of those, 1 out of those 4 students graduate with a degree or certificate within 6 years.

In other words: Less than 10 percent of PUHSD students get a degree or certificate.


The Thriving Together approach is based on the tenets of Collective Impact. In communities across the country there’s a common thread to the approaches that are moving the needle for our children. Collective Impact is the method Thriving Together uses to implement similar approaches specific to our community’s unique needs. The tenets of Collective Impact include:

  • Shared Community Vision:
    Making sure the goals of the program are shared among the stakeholders throughout the community.
  • Evidence-Based Decision Making:
    Use data as a flashlight to shine on efforts that are working — not as
    a hammer to punish those that aren’t — and make sure they are replicated.
  • Collaborative Action:
    Working together to create a plan for measurable results that make a difference.
  • Investment and Sustainability:
    Thriving Together is truly a long-term effort that spans the entire educational spectrum for young people.

Studies have shown that if our children are prepared at several key milestones in their educational career, they can stay on a path to success. Those milestones are the focus of Thriving Together and its efforts to provide measurable results. If we can keep children and young people on the track shown in this continuum, they have a better chance to be prepared for a successful future. As the initiative begins within the Phoenix community, its initial work will focus on four key areas: